band members

Donnie Green has played in numerous bands around Austin Texas since 1975 including Fools Gold,High Country, Second Time Around and several bands better left unnamed as the statute of limitations has not run out.. He sings lead and harmony and plays lead guitar and handles fred --our percussionist. Donnie also handles the heavy work.  Mitch Shelton is a native austinite as is Donnie and has played in various austin bands including Shelbeck and Second Time Around. He handles the rhythm section on piano and acoustic guitar as well as singing lead and harmony and handling vocal harmony arrangements. Gary Berry is from Refugio Texas and has played in many bands from Laredo to Lufkin. He handles lead guitar and sings lead and harmony as well as most of the instrumental arrangements.We next have Gary's brother Ray Berry on bass guitar. Ray has played in numerous bands some with his brother.



 Donnie   Ray




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